Friday, April 18, 2014


Spring is FINALLY here, and with it, my beloved sundresses, shorts, skirts, and swimsuits! The downside: my rough, hairy legs which have safely been concealed under slacks, tights, and jeans all winter are now seeing the light of day and they are in BAD shape.

I love the look and feel of smooth legs, but since I am very (1) low-maintenance and (2) busy, I am always interested in strategies to stretch the time I can go between shaves. (By the way, I have tried and abandoned waxing and epilating, which invariably lead to ugly, painful ingrown hairs for me.)

Luckily, there are some easy, surefire ways to ensure that we ladies can get the closest, longest-lasting shave possible, with no telltale razor burn or nicks and cuts.

1. Exfoliate WELL
Exfoliating is great for skin health in general, but it is particularly helpful pre-shave. Sloughing off dead skin cells brings hair out of the follicle, allowing you to get both smoother skin and a closer shave. Exfoliating also helps remove any oils sitting on the surface of your skin, between your skin and the razor. And the closer your shave, the longer it will last. I use a natural bristle body brush and a homemade salt scrub to exfoliate, but any scrub, particularly those with salicylic acid or fruit enzymes, will do the trick.

2. Choose Your Razor Carefully
For best results, use a razor that has multiple blades and moisturizing strips. You've seen the commercials--with each blade, you have a better chance of catching those sneaky leftover short hairs. Each razor cartridge or disposable razor should last for at least five uses. Replace when your blade seems to have gotten dull (you'll know it's dull when you're no longer getting a close shave in one pass).

3. Perfect Your Technique
Wait until the end of your shower to shave, when you skin and hair are softened and your follicles have opened wider. Make sure the temperature of your shower or bath is not too hot or too cold--warm is best! Apply your favorite shaving cream or gel (hair conditioner is a great alternative in a pinch). Pull your razor against the grain of the hair for best results. The best way to make sure you're going against the grain--begin at your ankles and shave upwards toward your knee. Don't forget to be very gentle around your ankle and knee bones to avoid any painful nicks or cuts. When you're finished, rinse the shaving cream or gel off your legs with warm water.

4. Moisturize with Soy
Did you know that lotions containing soy have been shown to slow hair regrowth? Apply (here is one of my favorites) after shaving.

Hope these hints help. Of course, if you really hate to shave, you could look into waxing or laser hair therapy. I have low tolerance for pain AND expensive laser treatments, so I'll stick with shaving.

I hope you have a wonderful, sunny weekend!


  1. So going to try these out. Because I hate having to shave every single day. So I will try anything to shave less.